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My siblings and I were put outside as  babies  in the pram to sleep, and we put our own children outside likewise, well wrapped up.     They would wake up with rosy cheeks from the fresh air and often lie for ages looking up at tree branches and leaves moving in the breeze.      Don’t people do this any more?

We had a lady with a 6 month old staying along the road for the past three months.    The child was taken from the house to the car, to the supermarket each day, and then straight back again.    I never even saw them out for a walk, which was a shame as they had a small dog which would have benefitted from a little exercise, and the lawns would have been a little cleaner.    It is such a waste – this is such a lovely part of the world to be out and about in.

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A Delicate Question

I think that most people now have access to soap and running water these days.    We have come a long way from standpipes and outside lavatories.     And the ‘weekly bath’ – or there again, perhaps not? 

There a consistent and recurring problem with an older audience at Perth Concert Hall.     Several times over the past year we have been next to people whom, let’s put it politely, could do with a good wash.     Sometimes the whiff is so bad it is several people away from us where the problem lies.

It is not great to have to raise the point, but there really is no excuse for this these days.    Last Thursday was particularly grim.

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Your Other 50th Birthday Present

I reached this latest milestone last week, and there was a bit of a do last weekend which was great fun.

Sneaking into the post a few days after the day itself came my other 50th Birthday Present – one that everyone in Scotland receives when they reach the half-century.     Guessed it yet?    A do-it-yourself bowel screening kit.    I will spare you the mechanics of this, suffice it to say that three successive samples have to be taken without contamination by water.    Everything gets sealed up and sent to Dundee.    Apparently the opening process is automatic – not a machine I would care to fix if it goes wrong.

But, it is a ‘good thing’ to screen for, as bowel cancer can go unnoticed for a while and is the third most common cancer in Scotland.    

Apparently I can look forward to one of these kits arriving every other birthday until I am 74.

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