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The Grand Match - Lake of Menteith 1979

The Grand Match - Lake of Menteith 1979

The Grand Match is a massive outdoor curling competition, which takes place in Scotland only when there is enough ice to play on.   The ice needs to be around 9 inches thick to be safe, as there can be up to 2000 curlers with their stones taking part.   North vs. South.     It rarely ever happens, because we hardly ever get enough ice, and there have only been two Grand Matches since the 2nd World War.      

Every AGM at a Curling Club, one of the annual duties is to elect those who will represent the club at a Grand Match, should one take place.    It is usually the most senior members.   We do this every year at our club, and we have a set of outdoor stones always ready to go.    

This year, after a 30 year wait, there is finally enough ice to hold the match at the Lake of Menteith.     The Royal Caledonian Curling Club are keen to hold the event, but the authorities have  ruled playing on ice outside inherently unsafe.    Because no-one is prepared to say that the event is 100% safe, then the event cannot get insurance, and cannot happen.

We now have a whole country full of bewildered and increasingly angry curlers, who simply cannot understand why this rare and iconically Scottish event cannot take place.    We managed in 1979 – what has changed?

Hopefully, some heads can be knocked together in the next few days, but I expect that someone will find a good reason for this not going ahead.

Interestingly, there were some 2000 curlers on the Lake of Menteith  today – not playing a Grand Match, but having lots of fun.

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Curling Weekend

Our club had such fun two years ago celebrating our 175th year that we decided to celebrate out 177th year in similar style.

So 14 curlers and some friends booked a bus to Aberdeen and had a great time.     Curling Saturday afternoon, a Dinner on Saturday evening and curling again on Sunday morning before coming home on the bus.

The Saturday had something of the whisky olympics about it.   Lots of fun and nonsense.     Something that’s good to do from time to time.

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New Curling Season

The new curling season starts today.   First match tonight.    Time to look out the brush and shoes once again.     Should be fun.      I don’t seem to get much better at it though.


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