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Straight off, I like Red Nose Day – people doing something funny for money and raising funds for good causes.    It captures the imagination of the UK, and many ordinary people as well as celebrities do daft things.     It is a genuinely laudable initiative, and many people benefit from the considerable sums raised every two years here as well as abroad.

I tuned into BBC post watershed and watched the coverage.   I was hoping to be entertained, but in fact was assaulted (and there is no other word for it) by weepy presenters showing footage  of children actually dying and their coffins being put into the ground.    It was genuinely shocking, and perhaps that was the point.    I just felt very unprepared for, and very uncomfortable with the emotional blackmail.     I was being backed into a corner, and not entirely convinced by the explanations given that money would solve the huge problems we were being asked to get our heads around.     Aid solutions are very much more complicated, and I needed to know more detail.  

I can’t say I am happy about feeling this way, but I don’t think I will be the only one .    I just feel very used as a viewer.

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About Tam O Shanter

Bruce Fummey gave a cracking first rate performance of his Edinburgh Festival Show “About Tan O’ Shanter”.    The wee library theatre in Perth was simply packed with folk to hear this show.

The first half was a warm up – little to do with Burns, but great fun, ending with three lovely Burns songs movingly sung by Fummey’s sister.

The main show was inspired stuff – Bruce explained in hilarious detail the story of the poem, and a bit about Burns’ life and times.   He finished with an animated rendition of the piece.   The huge appreciation shown by the audience clearly moved the big man.

Quite a night.

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Comedy Night

On the first Friday of every month, there is a Comedy Night in Perth.      Held in Sportsters, it is an evening with three comedy stand-up acts, compered by Bruce Fummey.     I have been going on and off since this venture started.    Bruce is a very funny man, and has settled into his compere role with some style.    He is a physics teacher by day.   

It is interesting that the funniest comedians are the least rude, as a rule.     Some of Comedy Night performers have been so base that they are simply not funny.    It is probably best to leave your granny at home.

Of the three acts in an evening, usually at least one is very good, and others can be so-so to disappointing.    That is stand-up comedy for you.   The January show actually had two outstanding acts:   Gary Little and Shazia Mirza.    

Bruce Fummey is performing his own show “About Tam o’ Shanter” on the 19th January in the Perth Library Theatre.     It was the show he took to the Edinburgh Festival in 2006 to great acclaim.   His show last year, “The Greek, The Apple and The Time Machine” was very amusing, so I am sure that this will be as good.

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