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I wanted to catch Corinne Bailey Rae after seeing her on the Abbey Road TV programme a while back – first with Put Your Records On, but then, more interestingly with Harbie Hancock singing River  – the bass player and drummer in that clip were in Jeff Beck’s band when he played at Ronnie Scott’s.

Corinne Bailey RaeFirstly, the positives:   Corinne Bailey Rae is a wonderful singer who has written some seriously good songs.    Not only that, but she really performs them on stage like she means it, and they were both edgy and mournful at times.     The songs cry out to be listened to.   

Sadly, her songs were all too often drowned out by the band.   The mixing desk folk must have had cloth ears – what is it that they actually do?   There was simply far too much noise and the sound was unforgiveably muddy from a crew intent on serving up a heavy rock mix instead of a jazz-type mix which would have allowed us to hear the artist properly.

Bailey Rae should rethink her presentation style, have words with her sound crew, and get them to pay the parking ticket which was on her tour bus outside by way of penance.   This is how the line-up should have sounded.

You see the ad, buy the tickets and ring-fence the date in the diary.   You look forward to it for weeks.    You drive 50 miles to the gig and 50 miles back again, only to have it messed up because someone can’t work a mixing desk.      Disappointing.    We were not the only ones to think so – the folk next to us left early.

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