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That Face

That Face is a play by the young playwright Polly Stenham, given its first Scottish outing at The Tron.    Moved to a Glasgow setting, it is a play about a broken family:   alcoholic mother Martha living in a filthy (think Tracy Emin’s Bed) bedsit with her son Henry.   Daughter, Mia, is at boarding school, paid for by father, Hugh who is in the Far East with a new lady and baby.

That Face

That Face

When Mia is sent home from her school for forcibly giving pills stolen from her mother to a 13 year old girl in a boarding school  initiation ceremony, her father gets on the next flight home, and the scene is set for an already fragile family to unwind in style.

Sitting in the second row, we were  completely drawn in to this compelling drama.   The performances from all the main characters were just superb, with James Young as Henry and Kathryn Howden as Martha taking the honours.     Andy Arnold’s direction was perfect, and we loved the multi-level set from Adam Wiltshire which retained the cramped bedsit as a core, yet broadened out to include a vast Glasgow skyline.

One could probably unpick bits of the play, and the relationship between mother and son did not quite ring true at times, but the tears at the end were real enough, onstage and in the audience.

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