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Hoors – Traverse



I suppose, we have all been waiting to see what Gregory Burke would do to follow Black Watch, but Black Watch is a once in a couple of decades iconic event which can’t and should not be followed by anything perhaps.    In that case, Hoors might be seen as the play after the successful Gagarin Way.

We are taken deep into Fife where we meet sisters Vikki and Nicki.    Vikki was due to marry her builder fiancee Andy, but he is already onstage in a coffin, the result of a particulary wild stag do involving very dodgy drugs, a visit to hospital and an attempt on a mile high conquest in a budget airline’s loos.    Wedding day becomes funeral date:   “well at least the church was booked”.   The women are well-to do with money to spend, but their attitudes to relationships is transient to say the least.   As the wedding has been approaching, clearly things were not all rosy in the Andy and Vicky depatment – so much so that Vicky can’t be said to be sorry that things have turned out thus.

Two men roll up, Stevie and (fresh in from Dubai) Tony clearly to say cheerio to their friend, but also to see how far they can get with the two sisters.      Drink and drugs are taken, and the evening’s events take their course.    Let’s just say that neither of the men manage what they earlier had imagined they might.    

I was disappointed and not convinced with this.    Some of the writing was very sharp, and indeed very funny, but the characters seemed too shallow, and by the end, nobody had changed or learnt from their experiences.   Maybe that was the whole depressing point of course.   I rather disliked the four characters and nothing in the play made me care about what happened to them.

The set with its light leather sofa on cerise carpet and huge “Ages of Man” picture worked well enough.   A revolve revealed a bedroom with double bed on the same carpet.    I thought that more use of lighting the front and back could have been made instead of the set going round and round and round again interminably to fit in with the split dialogue.

As the play got into the second half, conversations become more disjointed, and I was longing to see a scene with everyone in the same room again, but it just never happened.   All just a bit pointless where much more could have been said.

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