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Farming and Stones

The Blog has been neglected recently because I have been on a tractor for days and days and days.      Farm spring work.  

Ploughing and Seagulls

Ploughing and Seagulls

Ploughing, power harrowing, spreading fertilizer, lifting stones and rolling.      A neighbour comes in with his seeder to sow barley and oats.   







We have had quite a crop of stones this year – all this off one field …….. now stored for future use, as you can see.

Lots of Stones

Lots of Stones

Big Stone
Ya beauty! Big Stone

This stone was just peeking above the surface.   I tried to rock it – it was not moving.   I dug round it with a spade and realised that it needed serious lifting gear.

The stone is now safely in the wood where it won’t be in anyone’s way ever again.   

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