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Tam O’ Shanter – Perth Theatre

tam-o-shanterRobert Burns’ wonderful and much loved poem was given an amazing stage treatment at Perth Theatre in a production devised and directed by Gerry Mulgrew.    The timing could not have been better coming just on the 250th celebration of Burns’ birthday, and the start of Homecoming 2009.

But how to pad out a fifteen minute poem into an evening’s entertainment?    Retain the poem, of course, and add in some other Robert Burns poems and songs as well as some modern links in a Burns style.    

The result was  a 90 minute show which was a pure delight.    This was Mulgrew at his storytelling best where the actors worked very hard with few props.      As well as the main story, we met all the individuals in the pub, who took the chance to dress up as other characters in an extended party piece session.     Nice turns from Andy Clark as Tam, and Kirstin McLean (last seen in The Lesson) as Meg, Robbie Jack as the Poet and Gerda Stevenson as the Muse.

As well as the excellent acting, the music played a big part here, as Annie Grace, Brian McAlpine and Aly Macrae tackled a large assortment of instruments with great gusto.

Great fun for a cold night in February.   Let’s have more like this in Perth.

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