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London Busses

london-busSince I was last on a London bus, they have introduced an audio system which tells you which bus you are on, and the name of the next bus stop.    Good idea – or at least it is for a while.    After about 20 minutes it starts to become annoying.   Goodness knows how the drivers put up with it all day.     Got to find something to spend all that congestion charge money on, I suppose.   Anyway, it is called the iBus project, if you are interested.

Perhaps the drivers are silently registering their frustration by driving with their lights on all the time.       Why is this?    And how much extra fuel does it cost?    During the day, you can hardly miss 12 tonnes of bright red London Bus coming at you.

And the 176 I was on lost the tracking system on Saturday, so we were eerily silent for a while …. until it found out where it was again.     And who, I wonder, is the voice behind the announcements?

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