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We finally finished cutting wheat here on the 24th.   It was all sprouty in the head, and the old combine did not like it much as the chain on the unloading auger mechanism split apart with a spectacular bang.    One new chain, new bearing and a lot of pushing and shoving to clear out the hard packed wheat inside, and we were ready to go for the big finish.   

The combine is now finally back in its shed for another year and the straw is all baled.   The grain drier is working overtime for a neighbouring farmer who is still busy trying to get finished.   

And I heard that the price of wheat has fallen to below £100 a tonne for the first time in a while.    Last year, I got £150 for mine, so it is a bit disappointing, particularly given the massive increases in fuel and fertilizer.

At least we were able to salvage enough of the harvest to make some sense of things – other areas were worse than here.

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