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Harvest Progress

Good day on Satrurday – tried to cut the ‘steep field’ of oats, but the combine would not go up the hill forwards, so cut the next field instead, which we finished ahead of the rain at 9.30 at night.    But with combining, anything can happen:    there was a change in the engine note, and suddenly there were no hydraulics.   The end had blown off a pipe, which was easily sortable, although we had to replace all the hydraulic fluid.

Sunday saw us tackle the ‘steep field’.    Still too wet to go up the hill forwards, so the technique is to cut down the hill, and then reverse up the hill between times.    Extremely tedious.   The forward speed on my combine is belt driven, through a very large rubber belt (a couple of inches wide) on a variable speed V pulley.      All this hilly work puts a large strain on it, and it broke this evening, wrapping itself round the pulley and ripping out an oil pipe.    Lots of black smoke.    It should all be fixable though, but will rely on getting a new belt ….. which will not be cheap.

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