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Wasp Watch

Evening has fallen.   The wasp traps have been busy, and there are now less wasps about, although there are some very determined ones left.

I was able to pick the last of the gooseberries, but had to be careful as some really ripe berries had about three or four wasps with their heads buried munching away.    Picking these ones would have been rather sore.

It will be the battle of the brambles next.

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In the past two summers, we have found ourselves asking “Where have all the wasps gone?”     I don’t like wasps at all, and especially at harvest time where they are really attracted to combine grease.

But they are back in force this year.    We have a gooseberry bush in our garden, and today there are so many wasps at it that it is unpickable.     So war has been declared, and several ‘wasp bottles’ have been prepared and sited, and are already catching lots.

We use old wine bottles with sugary stuff inside, but perhaps a better solution is to cut the top off a plastic bottle, and invert this  http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Wasp-Trap.    

We have had over 5 inches of rain this month already, so the wasp traps may get diluted a bit.    How much rain?    Well, we bought a new wheelbarrow early last week, and it is sitting 3/4 full of rainwater.

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