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Takin’ Over the Asulym

Great excitement as the BBC TV series Takin Over the Asylum is about to be shown on BBC4.   It has also been released on DVD – and David Tenant’s audition tape is included as an extra.

I loved the series first time round.   This was in the heyday of really great BBC Scotland TV drama being shown UK-wide.   The cast is really strong, with Ken Stott as a hospital radio DJ, and a host of other now well known names to Scottish theatre audiences – Paul Blair, Molly Innes, and of course, David Tenant.    It was well written, but so well filmed and directed.    Anyone who saw it first time round will remember what happened to Fergus – the way it was filmed was just stunningly effective.

Donna Franceschild was on Radio Scotland today, and was explaining that these sort of dramas just don’t get commissioned these days, which is such a great shame.    TV drama has gone seriously downhill recently, although The Street was good.   It is high time Tutti Frutti was shown again, as well as Lipstick on Your Collar  with a young Ewan McGregor.     I also really enjoyed seeing Edge of Darkness again a couple of years back.

Why can’t we have more good original drama like this?

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