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Wing Clipping Time

Our 13 hens are enclosed in a paddock and have lots of space, shade, sun and a nice henhouse to come and go from as they please, although they are shut up at night from the fox.

Over the last few weeks, we have had about four hens desperate to escape, and managing to fly quite a height onto the gate to get out.    Once out, we are not sure if these hens are laying away or not, as they have plenty of places they can go and hide out, such as under hedges, in a small wood or anywhere in the farm buildings.   

So time to clip the wings.    Last time we did this, the hens went into a serious sulk and were not impressed.    But anyway, we got at them today, and clipped back the feathers of one wing on each bird.    The theory is that this unbalances them enough to make flying difficult.

We shall see.   Once a hen is used to the exciting world outside the paddock, she will be pretty determined to escape at any cost.

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I don’t know what’s going on with the weather and all that, but our local Chanterelles have made a ridiculously early appearance.    Normally these sprout up in September.   

We had a little expedition this afternoon to harvest a few to put into a risotto, but the July weather has dried them out – they were pretty small anyway.    Will we get more in a month or two?   I hope so – they are delicious.

And I found a few wild mushrooms the other morning while walking my dogs.

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