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Elton John – Perth

The Elton John concert was the first really big stadium concert Perth has held.    16,000 people poured into the football stadium which normally takes 10,000 in the stands.     It was a huge operation with various car parks in neighbouring businesses and farmers’ fields being pressed into service, and we were all told to get there early.    The weather looked decidedly mixed as we left home.

But what a concert this was.   The rain held off, and we listened to two good support bands, and had fun doing some Mexican waves round the stadium.     Then Elton John’s band came on and launched into Funeral for a Friend, with the man himself joining them performing  song after song after song for an incredible two and a half hours.    

It was simply without fault – crystal clear sound, amazing light show, absolutely first-rate band, including long time members Davey Johnstone, from Edinburgh, on guitar and Nigel Olsson on drums.     But Elton John himself was on top form – his voice still so good after all these years – belting out the hits we all grew up with – right in front of us.     The big finish was cranked up with Pinball Wizard and then slowed down with Your Song.      We were all singing.    What a night.    What a complete legend.

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