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I have had to travel to Edinburgh for each of the past two days, and luckily, what I was doing fitted in with the Megabus service timetable.     Perth is a Megabus hub where busses cross over and meet, providing express bus services to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen and Inverness.    The busses are large single deckers, and are comfortable.     If I have a grumble, the drivers don’t always get the ventilation setting right, and it can get a bit stuffy at times.

I have to say though that I continue to be impressed.   Although it is trickier to get the rock bottom fares, even booking the day before produces a fare which is cheaper than the cost of my fuel – and my car gets 42 miles per gallon.     And it is pretty expensive to park in Edinburgh these days.    But the Megabus staff are well trained, and there are plenty of them.    On the four busses I took, all the drivers were cheerful and helpful, as were the other Megabus staff.    It is interesting that everyone getting off the busses thanked the driver as they left.

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