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An interesting piece on Radio Scotland Cafe programme this evening about who to trust when reading a review of a performance?     The professional critic, or the bloggers?

It is a good question.    I do read what critics say, and some I trust more than others.   It is a long-term relationship that one builds:   if you find one critic tending to agree with you over time, what they say can be very useful.    But not always, and I do find myself at odds with the general opinion at times – usually when all the professionals have given something 5 stars.

I do tend to find that the music critics can be especially hard on performances.   It is more complicated than theatre, and the critics do get down to technicalities fairly readily.     If I am giving my thoughts on music, I just tend to concentrate whether it was enjoyable, and if the rest of the audience had a good time.

So:  critics or bloggers?    I suppose both together give a good guide.   It is a bit like using Trip Advisor to find out about what a place is really like.    Although critics will win hands down on experience, perhaps bloggers have it on authenticity.    It’s a close call.

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