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Today is the first day that sees tolls being lifted on the Tay and Forth Bridges.    

There used to be a charge each way on both bridges, but economics showed that tolling just one way produced similar results, so while Dundee has been free to enter for a while, you have been charged to leave ………. until today.

We actually crossed the Forth Bridge at 10.30 last night, and there were armies of people in yellow jackets sorting out cones.    One yellow jacket was taking a photo of the last toll collector in her booth.    It is a bitter-sweet moment because although traffic now flows free, I imagine most of these people won’t have jobs today.

I am just old enough to remember the old ferry across the Forth which we used to cross to see our grandparents  in Edinburgh.    I remember my grandmother saying at the time that the people who worked on the ferries (which stopped in 1964 immediately the bridge opened) were to be given jobs as toll collectors.    They collected half a crown each way – that’s 12.5 pence in today’s money.

It really is the end of an era.

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