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DAB Radio

We have had a DAB radio in our kitchen for a while now, and have been very pleased with it.   I do have to say that our radio listening habits have not changed so very much though, although we do have a couple of favourite stations when there is not a lot on BBC radio stations.    We find early Saturday afternoons a particular radio desert – Radio 4 repeating Any Questions, Radio 3 Early Music Show (which is OK sometimes), Radio 2 with some not very funny comedy.

But I was astonished to find so many stations have completely vanished of the DAB system.    Some we never bothered with, but some we liked, like “The Arrow” from Newcastle – great for Sunday morning when Steve Wright begins to grate a bit, and you really can’t face ‘The Archers’ on R4, or a big political discussion on Radio Scotland.    So what’s going on?    Is Digital Radio not profitable any more then?

I do wonder if digital radio will be taken over by Internet Radio?    You can buy the boxes already seemingly and these work with your WiFi connection.

I am certainly not convinced by the sound quality of most Internet Radio, which can sound as if the programme is coming from under water.    And I am not yet convinced about DAB sound quality either.   

This is getting a bit too technical for me, but I wonder what the professional sound people think is the best way to receive radio?    There is a big choice now:   Satellite, Freeview, FM, DAB or Internet.    And they all broadcast at different times:   whose set of pips are correct these days?

Better stop, or this will end up on Feedback.

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Now I know that there are lots and lots of people out there who have not got round to planting their daffodil bulbs, simply because of the large number of visitors finding their way to this Blog by keying in ‘late daffodils’ or something like that.

I have planted late daffodil bulbs for a couple of years now – i.e. planting them in January and February when the bulbs themselves have begun to sprout.    It is probably not recommended practice but they have all come up OK.      

True to form, I was out planting more at the end of January, and I found 5 bags worth in my cool-but-not-frosty store.    Now, on the bags was a special offer of 2 for 1, so I knew that there must be another bag somewhere, but I could not find it.    We had a massive clear out of old newspapers and magazines to the recycling place this week, and hiding within the pile of magazines was …..well you can guess.

I’ll get them in this week, and keep you posted on progress.

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