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The Children – Dundee Rep

This was an interesting night at the theatre.   First, Dundee Rep’s Youth Theatre put on Edward Bond’s dark play “The Children”.   Robert Patterson and Irene MacDougall from the resident main company also took part.

The play dealt with the aftermath of an arson attack on a house by a teenager on instruction from her clearly deranged mother.    A whole group of teens (including the arsonist) go on the run for several weeks, but into a world where something has happened to make all the people vanish.    Everyone that is except the father of a child killed in the arson attack, who is intent on revenge.

The production was very stylish, and central and group performances were all good.    The company were clearly enjoying tackling something challenging and serious, and really threw themselves into it with gusto.

The second half was a piece devised by the young adult group on themes from “The Children”.    It was funnier, but dealt with serious subjects.    Some of the writing was very sharp, as we discovered that all single issue fanatics (Jesus people, Global Warming people etc.) are in fact all very similar.   Again, good performances all round.

Our evening was rather spoiled by some very rowdy supporters sitting next to us who chatted and carried on right through both plays.    At a Youth Theatre production, one can expect some over-enthusiasm from the crowd, but in contrast to the rest of the theatre who behaved normally, this group was way out of line.    Perhaps it had something to do with the stuff in the water bottle they were passing about.   They were so out of order, the theatre staff should have asked them to sit still or leave.    

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