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We had a huge amount of wind today.   I think all the major bridges in Scotland were closed at some point, including the Erskine bridge, Tay bridge and Forth Road Bridges.     Lorries were blown over, trees blown down.    19,000 homes with no power.    And I had to drive out past Glasgow this morning.

I don’t mind the cold, but I really don’t like the wind.

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12th Night – Epiphany

It was 12th night on Sunday, so the Christmas tree finally came down, the decorations got tidied away into their box and the Christmas Cards collected up.    We have had a very busy Christmas with relatives staying.

Our local church held a midnight service this year, and candlelight and incense were promised, so we went along.    The candlelight lasted only for Once in Royal, and we had to put them out after that.   Incense was used, but it was fairly minimal.   It was a good effort though, although the 1982 Liturgy really grates.

So it was a pleasure to get along to Evensong at Old St Pauls  at Epiphany.   It was a stunningly beautiful service, by candlelight throughout its 60 minutes.   We started with ceremony of Lucernarium when we all lit our candles, and this was followed by Solemn Evensong and Benediction.     The music was really well sung, and there was a massive amount of incense used during the Magnificat.   The service included time for silence  and thought – just what was needed after a busy Christmas season.

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