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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

We booked tickets for Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Kings in Edinburgh as we had read great things about this “Indian” production of the play when it opened in the UK at Stratford, and later transferred to London.    Also, at the TMA awards this past weekend, the prize for Best Director went to Tim Supple for this production.

The play is performed in seven different languages in use in India, including English.    It is a big production with around 25 actors, and involves lots of movement, singing and climbing ropes and strips of brightly coloured cloth.

It was actually hugely enjoyable.    At first I did miss, really missed all the words in English, but there was enough there to keep the audience on track with the story, and it did not become a problem.   The English that was spoken was in native accent, and familiar passages sounded strange and new.     For me, and I think most of the packed house, the passionate acting and thrilling spectacle more than made up for the text that was in the six foreign tongues.

This production opened in New Delhi and toured all over India, sometimes in makeshift theatres built out of bamboo for the occasion, before coming to Stratford as part of the “Complete Works” series.

A whole new take on the Bard.    This is a ravishingly sensuous and well thought out production.   Runs until Saturday this week.  Highly recommended.

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