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Now while I am not a big fan of cats, I tolerate them, and we have always had at least two cats on the farm, and as many as five.   They don’t come in the house mutch, but have a base in the boilerhouse where they get fed and have beds.

Oscar, the cat in the news last week perfectly illustrates why I don’t trust cats ……. he lives in a nursing home/hospice in America, and can tell when people are about to die.    He is not a ‘people cat’, but when someone’s ‘time is coming’, the cat senses this and goes and sits on their bed until the inevitable happens.    He outperforms the staff apparently in predicting who will be next to pass on.

I was driving down the farm road late at night this week, when I saw lots of animals on it – rabbits, I thought as I drove closer.   But no – it was a whole family of feral cats on the move – mother and six kittens.   Five kittens were quite well grown, with an obvious runt of the litter trailing along behind.    The mother has done well to raise six kittens in the wild.

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