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Grumpy Bus Drivers

Another trip on Megabus yesterday to the (Scottish) big smoke.   Big queues to cross the Forth Road Bridge due to Highland Show traffic.   The driver did really well using bus lanes etc. so we were not too late into Edinburgh.

The bus back was going from Edinburgh to Inverness, and boy, was the driver grumpy.    These days, they have to do an airline type talk – it is now compulsory to wear seat belts on busses fitted with them – so there is that to say, a no alcohol message, and a message about the location of emergency exits, fire extinguisher and first aid kit.    This message was delivered in possibly the most unsmiling way possible – it actually felt like a threat.  

Now I’ve nothing against Inverness, but this is the second grumpy Inverness driver I have come across.    Perhaps it has to do with battling up and down the A9 north of Perth, which, I agree, is no fun.   But it really costs nothing to be nice to your customers.

An enormous lady in the seat behind me interrupted the driver to ask about a seat belt extension – something the driver clearly did not have.    He merely repeated that “wearing belts is a legal requirement …… (pause) …… there are exceptions” and sat down.   That was it.

He had to go through the whole thing again when we stopped in the middle of Queensferry Road to collect passengers for Aberdeen off a broken down Megabus.    Not a happy bunny at all.

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