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It is finally time to cut down the daffodils.   They have been slowly dying off this past month, and the vegetation round them has been growing rank.   I use a strimmer with a metal blade fitted which is pretty effective, and gives protection against the main hazard of the job.

Of course, one of the hazards of cutting daffodils down in what is a dog walking area is that dogs find the long grass attractive for two particular reasons.     A normal strimmer minces up the grass and anything else and throws it about in a sort of aerosol for the non grassy components.   Pretty nasty.   A blade simply cuts through the grass and daffodils.

Anyway, it is all looking a bit tidier tonight.     The daffodils that were planted in february did really well and provided a great show.   They flowered slightly later than the others, but were otherwise fine.

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