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Rome 1

This is the latest piece of total red tape nonsense to make things even more difficult for businesses who trade across european borders.

It turns consumer law on its head with a business contract applying in the consumer’s country, not the supplier’s.   What this means is that UK businesses will have to familiarise themselves with contract law in 27 European countries.     It is particularly hard on online web based transactions.

Which business sector deals with more overseas customers than any other?   Which business sector probably does more business than others by online booking?   Tourism, of course.   The tourism sector has many many microbusinesses who are simply not equipped to cope with this.

So say a self-catering business wants to take an overseas booking from Europe.   There will have to be 27 sets of Terms and Conditions available on its website.   For countries like France, all contracts have to be written in French.   Goodness knows how they all interpret things like cancellation insurance.

The thing is, consumers are already protected in law in their own countries.

It is complete and utter madness.   Thankfully the legislation is in draft form, but it still looks pretty advanced.    Also normally with new legislation, a cost impact assessment gets done.    Not this time.   We are getting this regardless of cost.

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