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Freeview Boxes

I am seriously unimpressed with the reliability of freeview boxes.    Freeview has been on the go for a while now, and so far we are now on our third.   Our first box, a (not cheap) Nokia died a while back, a second, a Phillips,  can still just operate when it is feeling in the mood to co-operate – literally – on bad days it freezes, and on better days it takes ages to actually do anything, and on good days it works a treat.   

Of three Daewoo DS608P boxes, two are now dead, although just around two years old.   OK, these are cheap and cheerful, but they should still work.    I have been investigating these, and apparently replacing a capacitor (cost £0.95p) can bring them back to life.    You have to replace these every three years apparently.

Time to look out the soldering iron – I’ll keep you posted on this.

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A visit to the Capital in the rain yesterday, and it was looking pretty shabby.

Charlotte Square, which includes Bute House, home of the First Minister and possibly one of the most elegant squares in Europe has grey railings with flaking paint along its south side.      Perhaps this is all part of a refurbishment, but it looks really terrible.

Ot the corner of Hope Street and Princes Street there was a wooden staging to advertise the Rugby 7s.   Unfortunately not robust enough for Edinburgh drunks, as someone had smashed a hole in the top.

All this on a day when Prince Charles was paying a visit.

At the other end of George Street, in St Andrew Square, there is bad and good news.    The bad news is that the gardens are full of diggers and contractors and Herris fencing;   the good is that this is part of a refurbishment, with Melville’s Statue being renovated at the same time.   The even better news is that (say it quietly) this garden is to be open to the public – quite shocking for a city more used to locking up its green spaces for residents use only.

Waiting for a bus in the good weather back in April, I wandered looking for a green place to sit, and found one, but with difficulty, as the top of Princess Street Gardens was being re-turfed – once again – following the mess created by the market over Christmas.    I did think about Edinburgh’s closed green spaces then – Queen Street Gardens, Heriot Row Gardens, Doune Gardens, Charlotte Square Gardens, and wondered if it was time to open these up to visitors as well as residents.

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