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It is the 20th May today, and some ash trees are still not in leaf.   I really cannot remember them being so late before.    It is very odd.

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Every Perth Festival, there is a Festival service in the lovely and very ancient St John’s Kirk.   In recent years, Perth Youth Orchestra provide the music, and today was no exception.    They were amazing as usual, and a credit to their conductor and tutors.   They are off to Poland on tour in a few weeks, and will be great ambassadors for the Fair City.

The acoustic in St John’s Kirk is wonderful, and it was thrilling to hear a really big orchestra letting off steam.   The acoustic in Perth Concert Hall is pretty good, but I think I prefer the church, uncomfortable though the seating is.   

New Provost Dr John Hulbert read the old testament lesson – probably one of his first duties.    The choir, augmented with a few voices from Perth Choral Society had a bash at Easter Hymn from Cavelleria Rusticana – it wasn’t a bad attempt by any means, but this piece is a “big sing”, and the forces were really struggling a bit in places:   sopranos with the top notes, and the tenors were too few.

There was a man along the row of seats from us who must have been tone deaf.   He sang the first two hymns, and quite honestly, it was like a dog howling.    Thankfully, he did not seem to know the second two hymns.    It was a shame, but what does one do?    He was obviously a keen churchgoer, as he had his bible with him.    For many, hymn singing is a very special and inclusive part of a church service.   Perhaps someone needs to suggest politely that he sings a bit quieter, but it is a really difficult one.

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