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A packed Perth Concert Hall for this concert.

This orchestra was interesting in terms of the numbers of string players:   there were about 25 violins, 10 violas, 7 ‘cellos and 6 double basses.     I would have expected more violins and more ‘cellos, but the balance was actually OK.    They were a well rehearsed band.   Paul Freeman was conducting and while he was very slow to get in and out of the hall, and was not particularly dynamic (he conducted the Bruch sitting on a stool), he coaxed the orchestra into a really good performance.

First off was Dvorak’s Carnival Overture – a very workmanlike performance.    Next was Bruch’s Scottish Fantasy, with Chloe Hanslip solo violin, and what a star she was.    Only 19, but an international player, she gave a really outstanding performance.   Her technique, like other young starry violinists, was very dynamic – she needed lots of room to play as she clearly liked the dramatic gestures.   Technically brilliant, she returned to play Chaconne from The Red Violin as an encore.

The second half was Tchaikovsky’s 6th Symphony, and the long extended movements gave the orchestra the chance to really shine.   We got a Dvorack Slavonic dance as an encore.    What a treat to get to hear a first class visiting orchestra.   Perth gave them a good reception.

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