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Things are hotting up, and Labour is really beginning to panic if the Sunday Papers are to be believed.       They are clearly in for a ‘bad night’ on the 3rd May.    

While there have been endless grumbles about the parliament, devolution has actually been very good for devolved things like farming and tourism.    Civil servants and Politicians, including Ministers are really very easy to access, and will listen to well presented points.    Scotland coped much better with the Foot and Mouth outbreak than they ever did in England, and we have a much better tourism framework in place than England as well.    Scottish Tourism has made the case for and secured a very generous amount of public money.   OK, it is less than Ireland, but much more than England.

Whoever wins on the 3rd, I really hope that the policies are not too radical, otherwise it would be very disturbing for businesses.     What business needs is stability and a climate of confidence.     Given that there will probably be a huge horse trading exercise (‘cats in a sack’ time) after the election, I expect that the emerging regime will not be too extreme.

 Although if smirky Eck is in charge, anything might happen.

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