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Scottish Election 5

Postal Votes.    It is 5 days to go, and an amazing number of people have already voted.    By post.   

Well, call me a traditionalist, but I think this really spoils the fun of the election.     I actually like going to the polling station (or ‘place’ as we now have to call it) and putting my cross (or number) in the box.   I like talking to the people running the show, and the political folk standing about outside.    

Where is the fun in a postal vote?     And opinions can change in the last few days.    There are plenty of ‘don’t knows’ about still.

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Scottish Election 4

A morning spent canvassing in the sunshine.    I can’t get over how much time and trouble people take with their gardens.    Some people have made the most fantastic effort with very little space available.

Also, most folk are very polite when you speak to them.    Even the ones who tell you that they are voting for the opposition.     I have not come across any nastiness.   It must be pretty intrusive visiting someone’s house unannounced and asking about voting intention after all.

The canvasser’s smile is a really useful asset.

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