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Perth Caledonian Cinema Hygiene

A visit to Perth Cinema last night.  

It was actually not a pleasant experience.    The whole building stank of stale popcorn, and Cinema 4 which we were in was (let’s say) less than fresh.    It was really pretty stinking.   My feet were actually sticking to the carpet in front of my seat.    The place needs powerwashed and disinfected.

I also just don’t get why the people behind us arrived late and then proceeded to demolish  what sounded like a three course popcorn fest in the noisiest wrapping known to man.    It was 8pm – had these folk not had their tea for goodness sake?     Pretty gross to listen to during a film.   No wonder they had the sound turned up so loud.

Looks like I will have to drive to DCA in Dundee where the two cinemas are clean and don’t do popcorn.    (They also put on much more interesting films).     It shouldn’t be like this.

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