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Library sale time again.   February 17th.   Hooray!   

Once or twice a year, Perth Library has a sale of surplus books (plus a few cds etc.) which is well worth getting along to.     Books are displayed on tables by category and replenished from boxes throughout the day.

It can be a bit of a scrummage, but the books are really cheap.    £15 to £20 will buy you about two carrier bags full of hardback books.    Enough to keep you in reading material for a wee while.

It is interesting.   I come across books that I maybe saw first time round in the shops, or heard on the radio, but never got round to buying  for some reason.    But here they are again, only for £1 or £2.      Who could resist it?

The only problem is where to put them all when you get home.     And I do have a slight problem with throwing out books, so the result is that we have books all over the house.     I can tell you where most of them are, or at least which room a book is in.     Is that sad?

I rather think that this time I may not be allowed to go unless a clear out is promised.

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