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Slow Traffic

It took us 108 minutes to go 50 miles yesterday from Perth to Edinburgh.    That’s an average speed of almost 28 mph.     It is pretty ridiculous when at least 35 of those miles are on a motorway.

First holdup:   roadworks at bridge of Earn – carriageway resurfacing.    Understandable and necessary.    Second holdup:   accident at the big Dunfermline junction.    Third holdup:   a lorry had broken down on the A8000, causing massive tailback northbound and southbound right back over the Forth Bridge.   Fourth holdup – for some inexplicable reason the people who look after these things had decided to switch on the part time speed limit and traffic lights going in to Edinburgh on the Queensferry road approach.     We sat at the lights at red while we watched all the busses and taxis whizzing past in their dedicated lane (not one went past).    This was at 6.30 at night.   What on earth is going on?

Journey back was much quicker, but a bit more exciting as snow cut the motorway down to one lane from Kinross northwards.    Lots of lorries at that time of night.    Artics are totally useless in the snow, and if they stop, they simply cannot get moving again.     So imagine the frustration when the lorry in front was being held back by a car going far too slowly for the conditions *.    We all did make it up the long hill back through the Bridge of Earn roadworks, but it was touch and go.

*  there is a definite technique to driving in snow:   too fast, and you lose control;  too slow and you lose momentum and stop.    I wish we had snow for longer each year sometimes so that more people learn.

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