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Car Crash

On Saturday night, there was a particularly nasty car crash just down the road – the sort that makes the national news:    5 dead, 1 injured.     

There were 2 cars involved, one with three 19/20 year olds, and the other with a family in it.    It is a notorious piece of road:   dead straight, but with dips that can hide oncoming traffic.       The two cars hit eachother, and the one with the youngsters in it flipped over and caught fire.      The young driver was pulled out and is in hospital with burns.     His two female passengers did not make it.  

The 3 dead from the other car were from one family in our village.    Allison Melville has been our school crossing lady for 27 years, ran the Cycling Proficiency tests, ran the Girl Guides, was Girl Guide District Commissioner and also ran the Karate Club.    She received an MBE a few years back.     Such people glue a community together.    Her husband and son died with her.     It is a simply appalling shock for our village.

It was a particularly bad weekend on Scotland’s roads with 14 killed overall.

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