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If you remember, I was having problems with a blocked loo a wee while back.     Well, just before Christmas, the problem returned.    It was very odd, because this loo had been working fine for years, but suddenly decided to choke up for no apparent reason.

The pipes going to the septic tank are old, but fireclay, jointed and pretty bomb proof.     Sadly, there are no rodding points for access, but the occasional pipe with a liftable inspection hatch – usually at corners.   

So it was out with the pick and spade, and digging down I found an inspection pipe where I thought there might be one.    Lifted the lid.    It was full of roots from a nearby holly tree, all rolled into a fine ball of roots.    A small root had got into the system through the inspection lid and gone wild in the pipe.    That was the problem.    Pulled out the roots, replaced the lid and put a further cover down over the inspection pipe (to keep any other roots out) before filling it in again.

It seems OK now.   It was good to find a proper reason for the blockage.

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Comedy Night

On the first Friday of every month, there is a Comedy Night in Perth.      Held in Sportsters, it is an evening with three comedy stand-up acts, compered by Bruce Fummey.     I have been going on and off since this venture started.    Bruce is a very funny man, and has settled into his compere role with some style.    He is a physics teacher by day.   

It is interesting that the funniest comedians are the least rude, as a rule.     Some of Comedy Night performers have been so base that they are simply not funny.    It is probably best to leave your granny at home.

Of the three acts in an evening, usually at least one is very good, and others can be so-so to disappointing.    That is stand-up comedy for you.   The January show actually had two outstanding acts:   Gary Little and Shazia Mirza.    

Bruce Fummey is performing his own show “About Tam o’ Shanter” on the 19th January in the Perth Library Theatre.     It was the show he took to the Edinburgh Festival in 2006 to great acclaim.   His show last year, “The Greek, The Apple and The Time Machine” was very amusing, so I am sure that this will be as good.

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