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It has been raining for weeks now.   Luckily we live on a hill, but the folk in Milnathort were not so lucky last night.    About 50 people were evacutated from their houses as recent flood defences (costing £500,000) failed their first test.    When this happened in Perth last time, the people who had their homes flooded were out of their homes for almost 6 months.    Not a happy Christmas here then.

And tonight more people have been evacuated from Port of Menteith near Stirling while farmers try to round up sodden sheep caught up in rising waters. 

Coming back from a curling game last night, at 11pm, the temperature was +12 deg. C.   Pretty odd for a December night.

And it’s not just Scotland ……..  in Moscow, Mikhail  a brown bear in the zoo cannot go into hibernation because it is too warm.

And yet …….. Scotland is still 2 inches below its normal annual rainfall – we had a very dry summer.    At this rate though, we should manage to get to at least average for the year.  

The forecasters are not being optimistic.

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The Scottish Ensemble were as wonderful as ever in their latest concert touring Scotland.   We are so lucky to have such world class music at our new concert hall in Perth.

The meat of the concert was a peformance of Metamorphosen by Richard Strauss.   This is a 30 minute piece scored for 23 individual string players, and the Scottish Ensemble were augmented by student players from RSAMD.      The piece was written by Richard Strauss near the end of his life, and although very solemn (with its reference to the Eroica funeral march  theme), Jonathan Morton directed the players purposefully making the piece strangely uplifting.

I enjoyed watching the piece every bit as listening:   the 23 parts all have tunes and exposed passages at some point, and it was a seamless performance.    Congratulations to the whole group, especially the students – great experience for them, and us.

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