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No More Blue Meanies

Where have Edinburgh’s Blue Meanies gone?   

Edinburgh’s parking enforcers with their blueish uniforms had a reputation for their (let’s be polite) brusque  manner and lack of flexibility.     Called the Blue Meanies because they were both.

But they (Central Parking System)  have now lost their contract in favour of NCP.   Yellow Meanies then?    Time will tell.    I hope that they are a bit more, well,  human.

I have nothing against the parking regulations – and those tasked with their enforcement can suffer inexcusable abuse from motorists – but I hope that the new enforcers go about things differently.

Edinburgh Council is all set to rake in £10m from its 3000 on-street spaces this year.

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Foul Weather

The weather has been particularly foul today.   Rain and wind – lots of both.

Had to drive to Edinburgh to a meeting and was blown about all over the place.    Very blowy going over the Forth Road Bridge – (I do keep wondering how many more small strands of wire are breaking) – and a big lorry broken down in the middle of roadworks after the bridge slowed things right down to a crawl.     Edinburgh was sunny with nasty heavy squally showers, and the drive back was in worse weather.

Everything is well waterlogged.    Last December, if I remember, there was little wind, and we had some amazing light, particularly sunrise and sunsets.     This year, it’s been black and horrible.

Just heard on the news that Scotland has had its wettest November for 30 years.   I can believe it.

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We took two teenagers to see Handsel and Gretel at Dundee Rep last week.     Dundee consistently produce good Christmas Shows, and this was no exception.   

A cast of just 7 work really hard all evening to bring us all the characters, scariness and fun of the old fairy tale.    Directed by James Brining and with specially commissioned music, everyone in a full house really enjoyed themselves.

It was great to see a team of actors whom we have seen in recent serious (and very good) stage productions really letting their hair down.    There is no slacking on production values either with some truly amazing stage designs and lighting.


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