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DAB Radio

DAB radio is an interesting development.    We have had ours for over a year now, and like the way we can change channels TV style with a remote and things like that.    I would love to say that we enjoy all the vast array of new radio channels, but have to honest and say that we tend to stick with the channels that we know and love.     BBC7 looks interesting, but how on earth do you find what’s on?    You have to go to the website, and that’s not always convenient.

I am less convinced by the sound quality compared to FM and have mentioned this before.

But do you know how power-hungry DAB radios are?   I have bought a battery powered one, and simply cannot keep it in batteries.    Apparently, on wind-up radios, one wind-up lasts an hour on FM, but would only last 3-5 minutes for DAB.    It is to do with the power requirement of converting the digital signal (a stream of 1 and 0 figures) into something we can hear.

All of which begs the question:    how much more energy use in the UK will result from the government push to digital?    How much more energy does a Freeview box + TV use over a TV alone?   And how many freewiew boxes can you actually turn off?   Completely off?

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