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Many companies and public agencies use 0870 phone numbers for the public to contact them.    These numbers are expensive, and too often, the company you are phoning gets a cut.

Very often, there are alternative numbers that staff can use etc. which go to the same place as the 0870 numbers.    These can be geographic area codes, or 0845 numbers, which are generally national rate, or even 0800 numbers, which are free.    Sometimes the organisations give out a number to phone from abroad beginning with +44 and all you have to do is remove this and add a zero.

A brilliant person has pulled this together in a website called saynoto0870.com where alternative numbers are shown, and you can add your own.

I phoned up a national government agency using an 0800 number instead of an 0870 number.   It was a call centre, and it felt rather good to realise that working my way through the options and listening to the ‘on hold’ music was costing them, not me, for a change.

Highly recommended.

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