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The weather has been so mild that I had to give the grass “another final cut” today.    Even although the cutting height was raised from the summer cutting height, masses of stuff came off.    Piles and piles of grass clippings, and the first of the sycamore leaves.

The sycamore is quick to drop its leaves, as is ash.    First decent frost and they are down.   Unlike the oaks that hold their leaves for ages – they are still green as leeks, although the beeches are turning now.   

Today was warm and sunny.    Outside cutting the grass in a T shirt.   It is October 18th.

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This is being posted as a Diary for today on History Matters.

I am sowing winter oats on my farm.   I am also planning ahead of an annual general meeting and Conference which I have to chair in November.

6.55 Radio 4 Today program weather – vital info for today.   Up, walk dogs get paper from post office.

7.30 Seeder and plough drivers arrive.    Discuss plans for the day.   We should finish the job if we don’t hang about.    I move the large trailer of seed  to be nearer the next field.    The plough is a 6 furrow reversible and the seeder is a 4 metre one pass system.   My own plough is a 4 furrow reversible.   The seed rate is 2 cwt of oats per acre.    The oats sown today will be harvested in the second week of August 2007 and hopefully go to Quaker to make “Scotts Porridge”.    It is getting late for sowing oats.

8.15 Breakfast, check e-mail and post.    Reply to e-mails.    Set up a business meeting for Monday.    Sort out a meeting report that I was at last Friday.    Speak to Trade Association secretary about AGM matters.    Keep an eye on the seeder and plough.

11.00 Go and plough the endrigs (edge bits) of a field just finished.    The seeder is now in the last field, but will come back and sow the bits I am ploughing now.    

13.15 Lunch.  Soup, cheese and fruit.    Return a couple of phone calls.

13.45 catch seeder driver to check that he will have enough seed to finish.

14.00 Go and inspect a fencing job which is on a march fence to check that a wall is not being removed on the quiet.    Meet another neighbour and have a quick catch-up on news.

15.00 More office work and reports.

15.30 Mend a flap on central heating boiler.   Our house is fuelled by wood alone.

16.00 Final check on seeding operation.   It will finish today.   More phone calls and e-mails.

17.00 Eat supper as my wife and I are taking a friend out to the theatre in Edinburgh.

18.00 Pick up friend in Perth and drive 50 miles to Edinburgh.

19.10 Park and walk to The Lyceum.    Have coffee in the bar.

19.45 The Merchant of Venice – what a good production.   Absolutely engrossing from start to finish – studied this at school a good while back, and have seen a few productions of it since.    Jimmy Chisholm as Shylock was outstanding.    Not a comfortable play though, and its ‘happy ending’ belies a deep unease about how we deal with outsiders.    With the current front page debate that has been raging for the past week on the Islamic full veil in Britain, the play could not be more appropriate to today if it tried.

22.30 Play finishes – walk to car, and drive 50 miles back to Perth.   drop off friend, and drive home.   

23.45 Coffee, take dogs out for a last pee.

23.55 Quick peek at News 24 for tomorrow’s weather, shower and bed.

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