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Scottish Opera

Still haunted by the Rosenkavalier production seen in Glasgow.   

Interestingly, David McVicar returned to his home town to direct this revival.      In an interview with The Herald he explains about how he works with each new group of singers individually, rather than fit them into the old template.     Each group of singers brings something new, and requires bespoke direction.     He enthuses about the current cast, and how special they are.

He also talks about Scottish Opera, and is furious that his country can build a massively overbudget parliament, yet allow its own opera company to be reduced to the level of barely functioning.    When Scottish Opera does a good production, it is truly world class.   McVicar should know, because he travels the world directing operas.

He is right.     Scottish Opera’s Ring Cycle is still held up as one of the best in the world in recent years.    Rosenkavalier this time round is in this category.

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