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Expedition to Theatre Royal in Glasgow on Wednesday to see Scottish Opera’s revival of Der Rosenkavalier.     I have seen this before twice (this is the second revival), and each time has been very good, but the singing this time round is simply wonderful.   And not just the singing – the acting is amazing.   

 Towards the end of Act 1, the Marschallin sings about coming old age “like a silent hourglass”, and about how her young lover Octavian will sooner or later leave her for a younger woman.    It is thrilling, haunting and overwhelming moment, sealed on the memory as Octavian leaves without a final kiss.     The Marschallin sends her servant after him, but too late!    He is off on his horse and away.

There is so much more:   the large orchestra plays with a passion.   And the trio at the end of Act 3 is to die for.    I did not want it to end.

Every so often, a production comes along that must not be missed under any circumstances.   This is one of them.    The Guardian agrees.

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