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Airline Ticket Prices

It is always amazing how a “cheap flight” suddenly does not look so cheap at all.

A £4 flight and a £34 flight.    Two passengers return Edinburgh to London, £76.    Looked a not bad deal.   But what’s this?   Taxes, Passenger Surcharge and Insurance Surcharge £93.40.     Now it comes to £169.40.   But there’s more:   a Credit Card surcharge of £4.95.   That’s almost 3%.    Don’t the airlines know how to get a deal with the credit card companies then?    

I suppose even at £173.35 or £87 each it is still a reasonable deal.   It is just the lack of being up-front about it that grates.

Better than those daylight robbers on the East Coast Main Line who don’t have any reasonable tickets at 3 weeks notice, leaving the minimum return £186 – each.     Railway ticket pricing is even more of a nightmare than airlines.   Buying singles being cheaper than returns, or buying two separate singles for part of the one journey being cheaper still sometimes.     Sheer lunacy, and should be stopped.

All this is not helped by the fact I would much rather go by train.   I really hate flying (but do it now after years of refusing) and I find airports with their security and queues really depressing places.

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