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Forth Road Bridge

More and more people bring up the subject of the Forth Road Bridge these days.    The Forth Road Bridge is very sick.    Corrosion has been found in the main cable wires, and at this rate, the bridge will have to be closed to lorries from 2012, and all vehicles from 2018.     The trouble is that a replacement bridge would take at least that amount of time from planning to finished product.     Probably longer.   The bridge already handles more traffic than it was designed to carry, although we are assured that it is within safety tolerances.

There are a whole lot of arguments going on about what to do.     One solution that does not seem to be receiving enough recognition is a tunnel to replace the bridge.    It would be cheaper, be ready quicker and certainly more weather-proof than a bridge, which already has problems with high sided vehicles in windy conditions.

Apparently there is new technology that allows fabrication of a tunnel in sections and then lowering these onto the river bed.    Boring a tunnel might be problematic due to coal mining workings under the Forth itself.

Doing nothing is not an option.     If the river crossing were to fail, there would be major economic implications.

forth bridge

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