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Had to deal with a blocked loo yesterday.    It was a three flush problem:   flushes one and two went OK, but flush three filled the bowl with water – right to the brim.     Our house is on “country plumbing” meaning old underground pipework leading to a septic tank at the bottom of the garden.       The pipework is old and really heavy duty, but sadly lacking in access points.

Inspecting at the tank and the one available inspection point showed everything “working normally”.      Turned out to be a long job involving digging holes and locating a sunken “rodding” point – fine if you were rodding north or south, but totally useless if you needed to go east, which is what was needed.     The blockage was in a pipe under a concrete floor – but a lot of pushing and shoving with a very long wire and hosepipe from both ends eventually shifted it.

There is nothing quite like that “eureka moment” when a blocked drain finally clears:    there is usually a vast sucking noise like 20 baths emptying, and all that backed up water etc. suddenly whooshes down the pipe.       Very satisfying.

I thought that my daughter’s friend who is used to town plumbing and who stayed over last weekend had put “something other than loo paper”  down, but the problem seemed to be “sheer volume of traffic” as they say.    There were a few odd leaves in there, which must have blown down the tall vent pipe, which now has a wire cover fitted.    Anyway, job done thank goodness, and the holes all filled back in.

But there is more to this story……

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