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Tutti Fruitti

We went to Tutti Fruitti last night at the Kings.    The place was packed to the rafters – even the very very back of the top deck was full.   It was amazing.

The show was first rate too, with the actors actually playing and singing all the music in the Majestics band.    The piece was about a band called the Majestics who were taking their ‘silver jubilee’ tour round Scotland, and we saw all the human life behind the players.    A very bitter-sweet story, but very funny with it. 

John Byrne writes some crackling lines, and a few actors took it so fast that the lines got lost.    Also, the piece was clearly adapted from a television series because it was rather episodic.      In fact, it would be really great to see the series again – there was a lot in the 6 hours of TV that had to be removed to fit it into a nigh on 3 hour show.

But another success for our National Theatre.     The rest of the run in Edinburgh is sold out.

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Banking Hell.

I thought that changing a name on an association bank account would be easy.    Especially when I had filled in all the paperwork beforehand, and had my three specified pieces of identification with me.   The whole process took exactly an hour.   It was banking hell.

I joined in the queue for the tellers, thinking that this was a very simple thing that they could handle.    Apparently not.   I was told to join another queue for customer service (that one was out the door onto the street), and then I had to sit in a queue to see someone.  

The staff were friendly enough, but the bank badly needs a bigger branch.   Apparently they are moving into a bigger building in January.

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