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First skein of geese of the season flew right over the house this afternoon.     Lovely V formation of about 80 birds.   Nice to see them back.   It is the first proper sound of autumn.

canada geese in V formation

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Is it just me, or is it incredibly warm for the time of year?    We have had a fantastic summer weather-wise, with an abundance of fruit and vegetables in the garden, and farm crops also doing well.

 But it is 1st October today, and it is warm and wet.    The lawn that I cut just 10 days ago still using the “low” summer cut level is still growing at an outrageous rate, and needs cutting again urgently.    Presently, difficult to find a dry window to get this done, and as the lawn grows, the more drying out it needs before cutting.    As it is October, it is probably best to use the next cutting height up, but unless we get something approaching a frosty morning soon, I rather fear the mower will have to see service once more.

We have had the most incredible crop of runner beans this year – they started producing beans weeks ago now, and still going strong.    Delicious.

Runner beans by the bucket load

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