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New Royal Mail Rules

Still trying to get my head round the new rules for mailing stuff.    To say that it is not simple is a mere understatement.     The standard issue 5mm thinkness gauge that is supplied on really flimsy paper is totally useless, so I have made my own out of stiff card.  How sad is that?

5mm thickness tool

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We went to Edinburgh IKEA.    Bad idea.   Arrived Sunday lunchtime.   Rain coming down in stair-rods.      Half of Edinburgh’s population there already, and a good proportion angry to boot.   Car park rage, meatball queue rage, loo queue rage.      The shop has interesting stuff – it is the cattle herding aspect along the endless one way path that bothers me.     Moo!   Moo!


And I did find myself wondering who gets to make up all those Swedish names for things.    

It was so good to get out.    Next time I go it will be early on a weekday morning, early in the week.

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